As humans, we are constantly running and looking for external factors that can make our lives better. We are afraid to turn inward and look at what we really desire. We follow and do what others say and forget our own voice. We are no longer in the present and get further and further away from our soul. We are cut off from the true nature of reality and live in a simulation. Look around you, connect and wake up.
The true reality is within you so go within and step out of the matrix!


Lots of money, designer clothes, followers, likes, all that seems to be important these days. We want to show the outside world how well we are doing, how much money, clothes, likes and status we have and feel like we belong. But what's behind this, insecurity? A search for approval? The question is... Without all the material and social approval, who are you really? What if we went back to a time where none of this existed.Where you could wear what you wanted undisturbed, do what you wanted, and express yourself in the ways you wanted without the comments or approvals of another person. Did you choose now or then?

Stay close to yourself, love yourself and don't follow the hype!


We live in a world where we are constantly in a hurry and distracted. We take too little time to look around us, at the things that really matter. We destroy nature, complaining that it is too hot when the sun shines and the weather is bad when it rains. We forget where we came from and let ourselves be influenced by everything from the outside. We are stuck in our heads or stuck behind our screens, but do you ever really look around you? Do you feel those rays of sunshine and how they charge your body? How the rain cleanses all the negative and the silence of nature heals you and clears your head?

Connect with your higher self, go out into nature and look around you, look through the eye!